Job Market Materials

The academic job market is absolutely brutal. It’s not only full of gaslighting and weird, anxiety-producing interactions, but at its core, it’s a racist, classist, cisheterosexist, and ableist enterprise—one that’s built upon nepotism and false notions of “merit.” And so my heart goes out to anyone trying to navigate these systems; I know how challenging and demanding it can be.

As such, I’ve made all of my job market materials—from academic year 2021-22—available at this link. Included are the following items:

  • Job / Cover Letter
  • Administrative Philosophy
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Teaching Dossier
  • Research Statement
  • DEI Statement

I’ve also included my job market spreadsheet to provide an example of how I organized my job search(es) as well as a document that speaks to some contextual notes on this spreadsheet and these materials writ large.