Below, you can find links to my teaching course sites for Rhetoric 105, my graduate institution’s first-year composition class, and Writing Across Media, my graduate institution’s cross-disciplinary multimodal composition course. Each course site contains syllabi, assignment sheets, assigned readings, and in-class pedagogical activities.

Below are two additional syllabi for courses I’ve previous taught: Writing 300, a writing center-based, tutor training course and Critical Thinking and Writing, an adult education class for Illinois’s Odyssey Project.

I’ll also be teaching a two-week mini course titled “Writing with Sound” in May 2022. I’ve linked to the course site below; free to poke around.

Finally, I’ve crafted a number of course syllabi as a part of my graduate training and ongoing pedagogical development. While I’ve not taught the below courses (yet), they offer a glimpse into how I’d approach teaching topics beyond the courses listed above: